Build your foundation for true speed

Understand the principle of speed across all areas of your life


Pro Athlete

Christian McCaffrey

Pro Coach

Brian Kula

Press Host

David Jack

Build your foundation for true speed

Fitness Base: Intermediate doing consistent strength training.

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Welcome to “Build your foundation for true speed,” an elite training course led by Coach Brian Kula and NFL superstar Christian McCaffrey. This immersive program elevates your athletic skills to the highest level, offering a deep dive into the proven techniques and rigorous training regimen that define a top athlete. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the secrets to unmatched speed, agility, and performance on the field.

This course will start Tuesday, April 16th

Training Notes

This program was designed personally for the athlete and coach. It is based on their personal goals and assessments and is part of a long-term plan. They spent nearly 30 minutes on a full warm-up/prep for the workout. Avoid training in pain and/or pushing reps without a training base. This workout is not meant to be used daily and should be used cautiously. The core purpose is to provide access to training principles, insights, coaching cues as well as training efforts. For more information, or a program designed to suit your personal needs, contact us. Consult your doctor before doing this or any Press workout.