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We all want to be purpose-driven, perform at our best, and have a positive impact on our community.

No one can do it alone. Life is full of challenges and barriers that can isolate us, shake our confidence, and make our destination seem unattainable.

We need a community that inspires, encourages, and holds us accountable. We need a roadmap to help us overcome obstacles and experts to help us along the way.

At Press, we believe that everyone can maximize their potential if they commit to a challenging yet rewarding transformation. Our community has achieved its best, and we are here to help.

The Press Process

Unique Access to those you admire: Let them inspire you with real stories from their journey.

Expert Instruction: Our network of the country’s top coaches is here to help you become Physically, Mentally, and Relationally stronger.

Elite Training: Train alongside our athletes. Be ‘in the room’ with them as they strive to maintain and improve.

Connection: Join communities who share the same aspirations. Journey together to achieve your goals.

Join the Press movement. Follow our Media content, Try our Training Courses on the web, and download the app for personal transformation.

Coming soon: Find your athlete IQ and begin our 6-week transformational process.