Jrue Holiday

Deep Dive

Jrue Holiday med ball training

Have you ever wondered why elite athletes train the way they do? Why they choose certain movements?  Why do they pair one specific move with another? What really makes the players and their coaches so special?

In the “Deep Dive,” two top coaches break down real, unscripted Press pro athlete training sessions.

  • Insider access to key tools, tips, and cues,
  • Dynamic analysis of skills and drills,
  • Collaborative instruction you can build from,
  • “Insider” player and coach back-stories that will inspire you

Best of all, you can incorporate the principles and tools you like the most into your training/coaching right now!

Training Notes

This program was designed personally for this athlete, by a professional coach. It is based on personal goals and assessments and is part of a long term plan. The athlete understands the needs and limitations of their body. Always avoid training in pain and/or pushing reps without a training base. This workout is not meant for daily use and should be used with caution. The core purpose is to provide access to training principles, insights, coaching cues as well as training effort. Don’t workout if a medical professional has restricted exercise for any reason. For more information, or a program designed to suit your personal needs, contact PRESS@