Pillars of Speed Survey

The mission of the Physical Pillar is to help people:

  • Identify current skill ownership and interests and motivations relative to it
  • Drive a deeper personal understanding and expand their lens of awareness
  • Activate greater personal ownership of their physical fitness, in essence, helps shape their personal fitness theology.

The Skill of Speed

We’re working to establish a uniform, foundational conversation for each physical skill set. We will codify and teach:

  1. The Principles
  2. The Patterns
  3. The Practice

We need your help as foundational advisors, and we’re starting with the skill of speed.

Please answer the questions below. We will collate the answers and revisit for further refining and solidification after prayer, meditation and conversation. You will see examples in each box, just delete and enter your response. And one word answers are fine:) 

Pillars of Speed Survey