Foundation of Stamina

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Foundation of Stamina

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Nobody wants to quit before reaching their destination, objective or goal. This course, taught by expert coaches and the elite athletes they train, explores a crucial principle of stamina. You’ll discover practical strategies to enhance your endurance, manage your body’s limits, and more confidently face sustained challenges both physically and mentally. Gain insights on balancing determination with the wisdom to know when to rest, which will improve your training effectiveness and resilience under stress.

Featured in this course

Press Host

David Jack

Retired Navy Seal

Justin McAfee

Hybrid Athlete

Corinna Coffin

US National Rugby Team

Carlin Isles

First Responders

Heath Jones

Special Warfare trainer

Brett Wheeless


Courtney Ackerman

Training Notes

This program was designed personally for the athlete and coach. It is based on their personal goals and assessments and is part of a long-term plan. They spent nearly 30 minutes on a full warm-up/prep for the workout. Avoid training in pain and/or pushing reps without a training base. This workout is not meant to be used daily and should be used cautiously. The core purpose is to provide access to training principles, insights, coaching cues as well as training efforts. For more information, or a program designed to suit your personal needs, contact us. Consult your doctor before doing this or any Press workout.